Regulatory compliance is essential in building trust and confidence in the effectiveness of our products. Our in-house testing ensures each and every product we sell surpasses the legal standards set by official regulatory bodies.

ISO Certification

SALTO is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified. These important certifications validate the quality of our products, ensuring consistent building quality and that environmental norms are met. ISO certifications also exhibit SALTO’s commitment to exceeding security requirements in our access control products.

Environmental Product Declaration - EPD

EPD is an independently verified document that reports environmental information about the entire life cycle of a product. Producing an EPD is an internationally recognised way for companies like SALTO to be transparent about the environmental impact of building and maintaining products.

SALTO is committed to creating environmentally sustainable smart locking technology design. By quantifying the environmental impact of our electronic door lock models, we can ensure our partners and customers that future projects are exponentially more sustainable.

Security - BSI Kitemark™ approved product

The Enhanced Level IoT Kitemark demonstrates that a connected product has a higher level of security controls than the market standard for its type and is generally suitable for higher value or risk applications. Assessment to this level involves BSI’s most in-depth and exacting testing and analysis.

The scheme determines whether a product has the appropriate security controls for its intended use and is suitably supported throughout its intended life. This cyber/physical security scheme forms the security element of the BSI Kitemark for IoT/Connected products.

Security - SKG** listed products

SKG is a Dutch testing institution for locks/cylinders and door locking systems certification for additional security products. Designed to suit the needs of those doors that necessitate special reinforcement or require SKG certification against burglary, the SALTO XS4 Original product line is SKG certified to protect against attacks.

Security - UL listed products

UL is a world leader in product safety testing and certification. It’s a leading and renowned certification process that ensures users that SALTO’s UL listed product models have been tested for safety and are therefore safe to use.