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Localisation : Cambridge - United Kingdom

Project type: Education - Universities and Campus


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University of Cambridge
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It is extremely important to us that students, staff and visitors have a safe, secure and pleasurable experience while at the university. With the installation of the SALTO access control system at Clare College we are confident this will be achieved. Its sophisticated mix of online and offline access control points together with the advantages conferred by the SVN system enable us to manage up to 64,000 users and up to 64,000 doors in a single system if required, making the college both a secure and accessible environment for all its users.

Peter JohnsonSupport Services Department

Avantages principaux

Given the outstanding worldwide reputation of Cambridge as a seat of learning, this was an extremely important contract for us, giving SALTO the opportunity to fully utilise its access security expertise in an unrivalled location.

Ramesh GurdevManaging Director, SALTO Systems UK

La solution technologique de SALTO fournie lors du projet.